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CPR Mask product for sale CPR Pocket Mask - $15.00
A simple and popular barrier device with a one-way valve that allows a rescuer to provide mouth-to-mask resuscitations on an unconscious person while avoiding contact with potentially infectious saliva, vomit, or blood.
Prompt- product for sale CPR Prompt - $45.00
A computerized, handheld device with a clear and direct human voice which speaks the steps of CPR for adults, children, and infants with the press of a button.  Allows someone who may have forgotten the steps of CPR or is too overwhelmed by the situation to hear and practice the steps of CPR in real time.
AED - product for sale AED - $1,495.00
AWARD WINNER model, best in the market, Automatic External Defibrillators are used to resuscitate the heart after cardiac arrest (sudden unconsciousness as a result of a heart attack).  These devices are all equipped with voice-prompts to guide the user, but generally speaking, a CPR-AED class is needed to provide the user with the skills necessary to properly treat the victim.
first aid kit First Aid Kit - $39.00
Comprehensive and well-stocked first aid kit, inspected and approved by CPR Advantage to meet most emergency injury needs in the home, at work, or while traveling.
Products can only be sold to people attending classes. Please fell free to buy products and/or make class payments ahead of time online. All purchased products will be delivered by hand upon class arrival.