So, why should I seek CPR and First Aid classes?

CPR saves lives!

Starting CPR within 4-6 minutes can bring a person out of cardiac arrest without any
permanent disability.If started with 10 minutes, there is still a chance of successful resuscitation.

All our classes are taught according to updated 2007 ECC guidelines.  From 2000-2005, a ground breaking  mortality study across the U.S. followed about 38,000 people who had been admitted to the ER for cardiac arrest (no heartbeat, no breathing) and followed what happened (did they die in ER, did they live long enough to be released from hospital, what was done, what worked, what didn’t, etc) and at the end of this study, they re-wrote and streamlined the rules of CPR so that anyone who has not had a CPR class since July 2006, has missed out on all that new knowledge.

Some people choose to learn life-saving skills out of love for their aging parents or little children. To them it’s simply the right thing to do; it’s noble, it contributes to the benefit of those around them and their community or congregation.
More often than not, there are those who take the course based on a job or schooling requirement. As an SDSU alumnus, I remember what it was like to want to volunteer in the hospital only to be told that I needed a CPR certification first.
Sometimes a person will learn CPR after a good scare (restaurant manager or health club employee who had someone choke or have a heart attack in their business, or a relative caring for a baby that may have choked or almost choked.) Unfortunately, it only takes one accident or injury to have long lasting effects, so please don’t wait until you’re affected personally by some type of tragedy or close call to prompt you into taking a course. 

All our classes are taught in a friendly, non-threatening way, which emphasizes skills over technical knowledge.  All classes can be customized to your organization’s particular needs.  We strive for excellence and care deeply about the people we serve.  No matter what your reason for wanting to take a class, we look forward to meeting all of your training needs with patience and competence.

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