At CPR Advantage we are committed to bringing the highest quality education to your doorstep.  We use only the best top-of-the-line equipment, as well as competent, caring instructors.  We strive to provide for
all your training needs in a non-threatening environment where the classes are customized to whatever your organization’s particular needs are.  At CPR Advantage, we are always striving for excellence!



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About the Founder
NATHAN KOHEN — Owner and Lead Instructor.
Certified by the American Heart Association as a BLS (basic life support) Instructor and as a Certified Heartsaver First Aid Instructor.
B.S. in Biology from San Diego State University.
Over 10 years experience working in the healthcare field.
Nathan has had a quality education in body dynamics and functions as well as various medical procedures and how they may affect the human body. Nathan’s five years as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician have also been helpful in his understanding of injuries, disease and disability. 

Mission Statement
My goal is to provide the highest quality of education possible based on extensive classroom teaching experience and practical experience from the field, using only the most up-to-date material and incorporating the student’s own level of responsibility relating to direct patient care with practical examples and scenarios that the student can then relate to and make their own.

Having worked as an emergency medical technician since 2002, I emphasize technique and the development of core skills, such that in a true emergency, the successful student will be able to perform all the correct steps of CPR and defibrillation without hesitation.
While trying to make the classroom a personal and enjoyable affair, I emphasize solid skills over below par ones and will pass a student based on performance, not personality.

How CPR Advantage Came to Be
Near the middle of my junior year of college, in December of 2000, my grandma, Charlotte Lenga, was killed in a car accident while driving to the post office, just blocks from her home in Encino, CA. She was struck by a man trying to get away from the police in a stolen truck.  He was going about 80mph in a residential area, with a posted speed limit of 25mph, when my grandma turned left in front of him.  The collision reduced the size of the area between her passenger and driver’s door to less than 2 feet!  The responding paramedics also may have assumed my grandma’s fate when they saw she was a senior citizen in her late 70s.  But she was a fighter, a survivor of the concentration camps! Did the paramedics do all they could while on scene with her?  Did they comfort her in her last moments of life?  Was she scared?  Did she feel alone?

Nine months later, as we watched in horror, tragedy struck all of America as hijacked planes crashed in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  Now I was really questioning my path.  Until this point, I had been preparing for medical school at UCLA.  I had taken my MCAT exam and was set to graduate the following May from SDSU.  But was there another way I could help people when they needed it the most and I wondered, “maybe the world will be okay with one less doctor, how about a paramedic?” 

Three months after graduating in May 2002, I began working in Emergency Medical Services, first as an EMT, and later, as a paramedic.  During this time I also taught CPR and First Aid classes for my agency, and found I had a real passion for teaching.  It was at this point, that CPR Advantage first began to take form. Later with experience, a vision, and some encouragement I started CPR Advantage and its still going strong today.


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Private Residences throughout San Diego County including La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Encinitas, College Area, Mira Mesa, Bonita to name a few.